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This website focuses on the independent writer who intends to self-publish an eBook.  For those who wish to go the traditional route, I suggest you check out websites hosted by agents and by the publishing companies to which you plan to submit your novel.

Before the publishing process is started, the writer/publisher should ensure the following items have been completed:  

• The writer is fully satisfied with his work.  

• Someone other than the writer has edited the novel.  A trained and experienced editor greatly improves the book’s chance of success.  

• A book cover designed to attract the attention of a casual browser is available.  The cover should indicate the contents of the novel and must look good as a thumbprint.  The specifications recommended by Kindle are located here.

• The writer has pinpointed his target audience and has decided upon a price point.

• A description of the book’s contents has been composed.  This must be no more than 4000 characters in length.  The potential customer uses the description to help decide whether or not to purchase the novel.  

• If necessary, a unique ISBN number should have already been acquired.  

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