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Walter Shillington grew up in Beachville, Ontario; a small village with two rather remarkable claims to fame. The largest open-pit limestone quarries in North America are located in Beachville. If that's not impressive enough for you, I'll add that the first recorded baseball game was played in this village.

When he turned nineteen, Walter joined the navy. This involved a move to Halifax on the east coast where he spent most of the next thirty years. During this time he was posted to several classes of ships as a radio operator and, later, as a technician.

Toward the end of his navel career, Walter moved to Windsor, Nova Scotia which, as it happens, is the birthplace of hockey.

Walter has published two science fiction novels and a mystery. His short story - Anna Marie and the Smelly Alien Baby - is also available on Kindle.

This link provides access to Walter Shillington’s books at the Kindle Store:

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