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A friend wrote an illustrated children’s book.  Because the story revolved around two children learning about the province of Nova Scotia, a governmental agency provided the services of an editor and a graphics artist.  

She commissioned a local publisher to print a thousand copies at her own expense.  Over the next three years she worked every weekend at flea markets, special events, county fairs... anywhere she was allowed to set up a booth.  The time and effort proved to be far greater than expected, but she persevered until every book had been sold.

My friend’s children’s book was a physical item, each page strewn with colourful drawings.  Many a doting grandmother stopped by her booth and purchased a copy for her grandchildren.  Since an Ebook is not a physical object, it would not sell well at a flea market.    

I have provided several promotional schemes that might generate local sales.  

• Send an email to everyone you know, including your Facebook friends.  Tell them you’ve just published your first eBook.  Name the book and explain, excitedly, that it’s the best story you’ve ever written.  Be exuberant!  Include the link to your bookstore.  Companies such as Amazon Kindle and KOBO make use of special applications which allow customers to read their purchased novels.  Provide a link to a location where this application can be downloaded.  

• If you are on good terms with a local bookstore, ask if they will distribute bookmarks advertising your book.  If they are agreeable, design one and hire a local printer to run off a thousand copies.  Bear in mind that you are requesting a huge favour.  Every book you sell robs your friendly bookseller of a sale.  Even worse, the bookstore might lose customers who decide they prefer purchasing eBooks.

• Design and purchase a bundle of business cards inscribed with the name of your book and the web address of your bookstore.  Carry a few with you and hand them out on suitable occasions.  

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