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KDP Select is an optional service provided by Amazon which allows publishers/authors to reach  additional readers.  If they choose to make a book exclusive to the Kindle Store for a specific period, they may participate in this program.  

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library   If an author chooses to participate,  prime members of Amazon will have the opportunity to borrow his book.  The author, in return, will be compensated through a special fund.  The amount received will depend on how many times the book has been borrowed.

Free Book Promotion  Over a ninety day period, a novel can be given away for free.  This seems counterproductive: what is given away cannot be sold, but there a few circumstances were this type of promation can be useful.  

Most novels available on Kindle sell poorly; perhaps only to the author’s parents and close friends.  Often this is because they are badly written, but among the millions of books sold through the Kindle store, even a potential best seller can easily be overlooked.  

KDP Select's free book promotion gives the novel exposure.  Those that download a free book, if they hold strong feelings about the work, will write a short review and rate it between one and five.  Reviews help potential customers decide whether or not to purchase a novel.  I have read that eighty-five percent of reviews are written by those who have downloaded the novel for free.  

Having said that, I would not utilize the Free Book Promation unless I had, at least, one other book available for sale.  It doesn't make much sense to give away your work unless there is a possibility that the free book will lead to further sales.   

Kindle Countdown Deals  This allows publishers to run limited-time promotions on their books, which can help to increase total royalties and reach more readers. Customers will see both the regular and promotional price on the book’s detail page, as well as a countdown clock telling them how much time is left before the deal expires.

The book can be discounted from between one hour and seven days. The publisher/writer sets the level of discount, which must be at least $1 off the regular price. Royalties earned are based on the regular royalty rate and the promotional price. As a result, if the 70% royalty option is being utilized, each book sold will earn 70% even if the promotional price is below $2.99.  Initially, Kindle Countdowns Deals is available only on and

Customers can find Kindle Countdown Deals on a dedicated webpage at

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