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How To Get Started - Walter Shillington's Author's Workshop

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Writing Skills

No doubt you already have an interesting story in mind.  What you need to do next is commit your tale to paper.  Before you begin it is best to find a comfortable place to work and set up a writing schedule you can adhere to.

I like to lock the front door, unplug the telephone and write, non-stop, for hours.  That works for me but, for most, this is impractical.  What you should do is set aside a specific amount of time – each day if possible – to work on your book.  Try to pick a time when you expect minimal interruptions.  Once a daily routine is established, you will make steady progress.

You will need a word processor.  The standard is Microsoft Word and, if you can afford it, I recommend you purchase the Microsoft Office Suite.  If not, check out free applications such as Open Office.

When I write I keep the website open in the background.  This site is useful for finding synonyms for words I overuse.  

One final point; you should write about what you know.  Otherwise your work will be delayed as you painstakingly research your subject.   I should know.  I spent most of a day pouring over maps in an attempt to plan the route of two of my characters across the United States.  In the end I still got it wrong!

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