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You’re not the only one out there writing, and many authors host a website or a blog.  Check out these sites and post a few comments.  If a site or blog appeals to you, it probably interests others.  Maybe the owner will let you write an article and include a link to your bookstore.

I discovered a good site through sheer vanity; I typed my name into Goggle to see how famous I had become.  Amid dozens of Amazon references, I found my name attached to a blog called The Adolescent Muse.  I clicked on the link and was directed to a well designed blog hosted by Carrie Ann Golden.  She’d written an article on serial fiction and included a photo of my book cover.  Even more fascinating, Carrie was looking for authors to interview.

I pounced, thanking her for including my work in her article.  Then I requested an interview.  The next day I read through the list of questions she’d sent, carefully composing and editing my answers.  I wanted to cast myself as an intelligent and successful writer. I included humour to ensure the reader wouldn’t be bored.

A month later my interview was published.  You can imagine my shock when I realised that, despite careful editing, I’d misspelled a work.  I sent a quick email to Carrie and she corrected the mistake.

Interviews are the Holy Grail.  If your answers are composed properly, anyone reading the blog will be favourably impressed.  Maybe they will even click on your link and buy a book.

Don’t limit yourself to websites and blogs dedicated to writing.  Maybe you write about animals.  Find a website/blog hosted by a cat lover and offer to write a short story about cats.  At the conclusion of the story, note that you are a writer and provide a link to your newest book.

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