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I often write critiques on Wattpad.  This website hosts the work of young authors, some of whom will eventually become my competition.

Fan Fiction is popular on Wattpad.  A writer will invent a character – based on the author, I suspect – and devise a story in which she meets and becomes involved with a celebrity.  The members of the band, One Direction, are often an important component of these tales.

Fan Fiction works because the author is interested in the celebrity involved and willing to put in the long hours required to complete the novel.  Other fans will read over the story and leave encouraging comments.  This feedback heartens the author and she will continue to write.

There are drawbacks, of course.  Because real people are written into the story, fan fiction is not publishable.  If one were published, the author could become involved in a lawsuit.  Another problem deals with the writer’s imagination.  She is not free to devise personality traits to some of her characters.  You cannot change what already exists.

For these reasons, I suggest the novice writer ignore the impulse to write fan fiction.  She can, however, write a story that is similar.  If she likes a certain band, the author could invent a group that plays the same type of music.  Then she can insert characters that are completely different than those in her favorite band.  In her heart, one of them might be Zayn Malik – but no one else needs to know.

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