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Cover Art

The book cover is used to attract the attention of a potential purchaser.  It must appear professional, stand out from the competition, and set the mood for the story.  

The book cover is an important component of the author’s promotion efforts.  There are millions of eBooks available at distributors such as Amazon Kindle and KOBO.  A Science Fiction fanatic, I often scan through the offerings until a book cover attracts my attention.  I won’t buy it if the preview is badly written but, at least, the cover pulled me in for a close look.  

Writers who would like to ensure professional results can Google book cover design and compare the price and workmanship of many graphic artists.  Those that wish to create their own cover will find an excellent article called 14 Tips for Good Kindle Cover Design at HumbleNation.  

I have included the cover of my new book, Difficult Times.  My cover artist, Christie Ludwig, painted the background in acrylic, photographed the result and scanned it into her computer.  Photoshop was used to painfully draw hundreds of little bird-headed, bat creatures.  

For payment she receives dinner for two.  If my book sells poorly, she and her husband dine at McDonalds.  If it sells a hundred thousand copies, I promised to fly them to Paris for lunch!

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