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Walter Shillington's Author's Workshop

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Welcome to Walter Shillington's
Author's Workshop

This site is designed to provide guidance for those who intend to enter the field of writing.  

The topics focus on the writing, editing and publishing of eBooks but much of this information is useful for those who choose traditional publishing.  

Mainstream publishers are conservative; if they back an author and the book fails, they stand to lose a great deal of money.  Because of this, novice writers – no matter how skilled - might wait years before their manuscript is accepted.  

Self Publishing is possisble through organizations such as Amazon’s Kindle or KOBO.  In this case, writing is only the first step.  The author becomes responsible for editing as well as cover design and promotion.  These topics will be covered on this site.

Background and information pertaining to the website author's current projects will also be included.

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